What is SpotSearch

World’s first A.I driven, contextual search engine, delivering results instantly, from your web. An innovation eliminating the need for the user to navigate away from the page and look further for definitions or appropriate results, delivering results on the spot while in context.

Sia for SpotSearch

Sia is the unified Artificial Intelligence platform which offers the foundation for SpotSearch. Sia offers cognitive computing framework to integrate various technology platforms to target and solve critical business problems and drive customer success.

Discover SpotSearch

Getting Started

SpotSearch can be accessed as a demo version on OnerOrigin official site. After the initial demo subscription, clients will receive an easy to install SS package. The package comes with a user manual which will brief about the features and step by step instructions on installing SS to get it up and running

Send and Manage Data on SpotSearch

Using SS makes it easy to prepare and transport data, considering the relevance factor. If using multiple search indices, a comprehensive guide to manage application environment is also included

Managing Search Results

For the Client side, we believe its important to track the type of searches being performed and kind of results the end user is getting. With an organization specific relevance settings, one can check for the index and query parameters, using our easy to interact admin dashboard

The Search UI

Right from configuring search settings, to changing the format, content and appearance of search, the user will have access to querying the data and manage search capabilities

Search Insights and Analytics

With state of the art data analytics system, we not only extract data regarding the type of searches being made, but we also capture the user trend in searching for specifics. With an AI infused contextual search base, users can track, and modify content by analyzing the reported search analytics

Getting Started

How SpotSearch works

Hosted in-house, SpotSearch is capable of rendering instant, real-time results on the spot. With our easy-to-configure set-up guide, SpotSearch can be quickly implemented on your websites, mobile applications, delivering seamless results right from the first attempt. Powered by Sia, our unified A.I engine, SpotSearch has the unique ability to qualify the nature and context of search through key-word intelligence and cognitive behavior of the user.

SpotSearch Capabilities

SpotSearch, within its capabilities, offers everything to build a custom search engine for specific requirements, and make sure its as responsive as possible and deliver the expected functionality. With constant feedback and suggestions, SpotSearch lets the user customize and change content based on the most searched results while ensuring to maintain the user in context with the search being performed. For every search term input, SpotSearch sweeps across multiple pages to check for relevance and rank the output based on the user’s intent.

SpotSearch Features


Sometimes reading through paragraphs of content might bring up something important on spot to search for. We have introduced one of a kind Highlight&Search where user highlights a word and performs search instantly. This allows the user to search for the right term and stay in context at the same time.

Multilingual Search

SpotSearch allows the user to translate their search results to their language of choice, with just a click of a button. The user can have 4 different language options right on their search window and can customize the listings as per requirements on our user interactive dashboard

Multi-site Search

If customers have micro sites residing within different environments, SpotSearch enables unified results for a specific search, with unique indexing model.It retrieves information through our unique indexing model, from all the connected microsites

Promoted Search

This feature allows the customer to promote a particular search term to enhance results and navigate the users to a desired page. This might go well when there’s a promo event at any organization and would like to maximize the site visits

Custom Search Invoke

Customers can modify the search invoke to any desired real estate on their websites. They can integrate SpotSearch to their normal/existing search bar and customize its appearance

Social Media Handles

May it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..etc. Customers can add links to their social media pages and SpotSearch will do a sweep and render results for any related search term

Custom Branding

Customers can modify the layout of Search and its appearance according to Organization Branding requirements. We offer a wide range of theming and designing options to customize as per required

Managing your Search results

Search Relevance

When it comes to search, the relevance of results is of highest priority to get the user what they are looking for. SpotSearch is designed in a unique way to rank the search intent and deliver optimum solution right on the spot. This happens through proper structuring of data and how the search engine queries your search indices and orders the output to what’s more relevant to the search. Upon configuration, customers will be able to adjust the relevance level and optimize their content with respect to the type of searches being made

Refine Results

SpotSearch search analytics offers customers a path to visualize the search activity on their sites and customize the content accordingly. Thanks to our A.I powered engine, Sia can map the user queries, analyze textual relevance and rank those queries to render the desired output

Search Results Optimization

Adding Synonyms

Adding a synonym to a search terms conveys the engine on how many different ways a term can be expressed or understood by the engine. Upon addition of multiple synonyms, the chances of delivering relevance are high as the system can approach a term in different ways

Identifying Intent

When a term is being searched, the user will exhibit an intent while searching, here intent can be something like an identity, or location, or even a person. SpotSearch will instantly know what the intent is and can map the output based in the intent

Miss-spell/Typo tolerance

Users are used to making a typo or miss spelling a word while performing a search. SpotSearch is equipped with fuzzy logic where it can still dig out results by analyzing the key words, and even miss spelled search terms

Natural language processing (NLP)

As we define it as an A.I infused search engine, SpotSearch can query searches taking everyday communication style and fine tuning it to machine learnable form

Getting Insights and Analytics

For a typical search, the most important factors to analyze would be the term being searched, and the clicks which will lead to the desired content. To breakdown the analytics, we formulated the process of gathering specific search information and categorized them to get effective search insights based on the user’s session

Top 5 Searches with results

SpotSearch gathers information from a user session and runs analytics to explore the type of terms being searched and number of times its being searched. Based on this criteria it classifies the data into top 10 search terms and depicts the probability of a term being searched, for site content modification

Top 5 Searches without results-with A.I powered suggestions

SpotSearch is designed to record the type of searches which were unsuccessful and navigate those searches back to their origin to check if there were no content available or was the term didn’t render any result from internal site. The system configures the type of response and throws back a suggestion back to the customer the analytics showing the types of black flagged search terms and how to target those terms with proper approach.<br />

Search Trend

We have designed our search engine to capture the type of search terms being searched and the flow from one search term to another. It tries to connect one term with the other and predicts the behaviour of the user by creating a pattern of search flow. This will allow the customer to measure the success of search by improvising the pages linked to their search flow analytics and can predict when a user will visit a particular page

Search Analytics

SpotSearch provides a comprehensive analytics on searches being made on the company website. With easy to configure backend dashboard, customers can filter out and go deep on analyzing the behavior of the user and prediction analytics for a selected user session. The dashboard displays the record of searches on a daily basis, and by monthly basis, and allows the user to customize the analytics report as per requirements


As we deal with the transaction of huge amount of data on a regular basis, it is important and critical on our end to follow and enforce data and privacy laws. Powered by our A.I engine Sia, SpotSearch is secure by design, with progressive layers of security, delivering true defense in depth. We ensure security with three main support elements

Sia is wrapped in a Server-less environment, meaning we use a third party service to ensure secure system communication

Equipped with SSL, Authentication and Role based Authorization, to keep the environment from any intrusions

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