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An A.I. Engine unifying several cognitive computing platforms to drive true Digital Transformation


A powerful Cognitive Computing framework that unifies various digital platforms and hones in on any operational business challenges and tackles them throughout, helping organizations eliminate platform-related technology limitations and solve their most pressing real-world business issues.

Sia can mine vast business datasets to crack hidden trends and connections that humans miss. With Sia, you can converse ‘in your own words’ easily whenever, wherever, however it suits you.
Having decades of experience working directly with several transformational Educational institutions, we understand that every school has a different setup, and that every classroom has different needs. Sia is tailored to serve the learning needs of every teacher and student, while dedicated to enhance Student Success.

R.O.I in just months
Sia drives a transformational impact and will have positive effect on the business, right from day-one. Eighty-six percent confirm that AI has lived up to its promises and they have seen ROI from their investments in AI in fewer than 2 years. But with Sia, you can start seeing significant impact within months of on boarding.
Sia is featured around conversational user interface rather than jazzy the traditional swipes / clicks / type, unlocking the power of Speech. Sia focuses on the intuitive power of language and meaning, using everyday language to communicate with users and their intent to learn. Sia is also capable of integrating with several interface systems like Slack, Facebook messenger, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homepod, or even your website.
Sia uses OneOrigin’s proprietary algorithms for statistical modelling and machine learning techniques to analyze past data and predict the future events that helps in managing complex challenges like real time development of businesses.

Every organization on boarding Sia, will now have access to a realtime dashboard, providing powerful insights of end-users interactions with focus on interest and fulfillment. With several out-of-the-box integrations, organizations can have Sia analyze several data points along with the insights captured through the interfaces.
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Transforming Student Lifecycle with Artificial Intelligence

Enhance Student Success and deliver Qualified results


from New Student Acquisition

Housed right on your existing website or your current / new mobile app, with one tap, Sia is committed to provide instant information about your university to any visitor, without having them scroll through multiple pages. Sia helps your prospective students find instant information about your University’s general info like Ranking, Positioning; Search for people, information about your Scholarship programs, Sports team and its accomplishments, different housing the University may offer or associated with, locations, nearby restaurants, ongoing and upcoming events with an ability to onboard registrations, and much more..

to enabling Personalized Learning

Enabling a next-gen Personalized Learning experience by intelligently understanding distinct learning preferences, interests, aspirations, activity levels and/ or cultural background of the students, and much more..With focus on Student Experience and Support, Sia uniquely delivers the power of multiple cognitive computing platforms through one-unified framework, eliminating every platform-related technology limitations.


On-Boarding made simple..

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