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Slide An intricate Engineering Marvel Committed to transforming every repetitive process and enhance interaction levels while keeping a strong focus on User Engagement, Unified Artificial intelligence Engine - Sia is a next-gen data-driven experience who intelligently understands distinct user preferences, interests, emotions and much more. Sia uniquely enables the power of multiple cognitive computing platforms through a unified framework, eliminating every platform-related technology limitations.
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Slide Inspired by True Human Thinking and Neural Networks Analyze data from several sources at once | Over 50 sets of predefined learning models Beyond Prediction, it's Course correction | All through a seamless Conversational Interface

Slide 1 Transforming HigherEd
Instant Syllabus Processing University Assistant Data Science and Modeling Student Support Automated Transcript Recognition Qualified Profile Evaluation Goal Tracking Sia hosted on your website will be a OneStop for your visitors to get all kinds of university-related information. Sia instantly helps students with organized information of the degrees, programs, course level details, and more with a single click. Sia has the unique ability to understand the relation between students, their courses and understand relevant syllabus documents, with key deadlines. Sia has the ability to identify both relational and non-relational data, allowing owners to understand a student/faculty better through profiling and segmentation
Sia is a goto choice for students as she can fetch any type of information through a live conversation. Sia provides unique & personal assistance to students by adapting to their changing interests and guides them in achieving their goals. Instant Program Guide Sia evaluates a student profile by matching student’s transcript data with the university offerings and recommends the most suitable programs. Detects and extracts course, program, credits, GPA-related metrics from any transcripts instantly with her Intricate Image Recognition algorithms.
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Slide Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image Highly Secure Contextual Delivery
Multilingual With progressive layers of security, wrapped in a Serverless Environment, Sia delivers true defenses in depth. Sia is fully aware of context in every conversation, so she can adapt her social tone and actions accordingly. Sia is currently fluent in 6 languages and can be trained to speak simple sentences in more than 100 languages.

Slide Science Behind Sia™ Natural Language Processing Taking inspiration from true human thinking, Sia performs tasks in a way that a typical human brain does. Some of her tasks include identifying objects in an image, Processing a document, and many more...
Deep Learning Sia with her cutting edge cognitive computing architecture, understands complex human language mechanism, and achieves higher accuracy with greater precision level. Reinforcement Learning With Instant Adaptive learning capabilities, Sia learns on the fly and provides a natural yet, personalized experience to all the users based on their interest. Advanced Computer Vision and OCR With highly scalable Deep Learning, Vision and Object Recognition models, Sia can identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities in images and videos, while providing highly accurate vision search and analysis.
Unified Machine Learning Ability to understand and learn instantly is what describes the unified Machine Learning objects that powers Sia. Focused around adaptive experience, which means the more conversations you have, the better it is going to get. Mixed Reality Assist With advanced computer vision, graphical processing power, display technology, and input systems, Sia is designed to assist the evolution of Mixed Reality adoption, unlocking the possibility of blending both Physical and Digital world.

Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image Sia is the world's first and only, Unified Artificial Intelligence Engine. She is a proprietary framework weaving together more than 72-leading cognitive computing platforms in the world. On-boarding Sia means enterprises have the power of several cognitive computing platforms working seamlessly in a proprietary environment, all focused on solving a use case. Unified Artificial Intelligence Engine Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image Sia analyzes facts, concepts, emotions, tone and their associations within her semantic memory. From basic requests to policy procedures, she can be easily trained to apply the semantic logics to any conversation. Semantic | Sentiment-based Interactions Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image Through the unification of leading data science platforms, Sia helps organizations predict with confidence and collaborate across systems. Through a unified interface, Sia makes better decisions by solving complex optimization problems involving trade-offs between business goals and constraints. Big-Data backbone Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image With massive cloud-computing backed by several leading computing platforms, Sia allows large datasets to be easily ingested and managed to train algorithms, and it allows deep learning models to scale efficiently. By leveraging industry-leading distributed networks, Sia's deep learning on the cloud allows enterprises to train deep learning applications faster. Ever-Learning Neural Engine Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image Utilizing several leading cloud AutoML frameworks in a weave, Sia offers high quality trained models with unified transfer learning and Neural Architecture. State-of-the-art Auto Machine Learning Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image Going by the name 'REIN', Sia's Unified AutoML & Continuous Learning framework, helps automatically identify patterns and other similarities across products with more granular search and filtering options. Reinforcement Learning Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image Starting with Speech Recognition, to Computer Vision, to Natural Language processing, Sia’s Deep learning algorithms are designed to learn quickly. Sia uses packaged libraries of deep learning algorithms best suited for a use case, whether it’s for web, mobile or connected devices. Deep Learning Unified Artificial Intelligence Sia Science - BG image Similar to human thinking, Sia allows localized querying as opposed to typical search based algorithms which traverses the entire data set before trying to compute an answer. Sia is continuously trained to emulate this capability in order to retrieve information across a wider and more complex knowledge-base. How Sia does this?

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