Embrace the power of Unified Artificial Intelligence

Sia, unified Artificial Intelligence, is committed to transforming every repetitive process to enhance interaction levels. We keep a strong focus on User Engagement, a next-gen data-driven experience by intelligently understanding distinct user preferences, interests, emotions and much more. Sia uniquely enables the power of multiple cognitive computing platforms through a unified framework, eliminating every platform-related technology limitations.

Key Features

Unified Machine Learning

Instant Understanding & Learning describes the Unified Machine Learning objects that powers Sia.

Natural Language Processing

Analyze conversations, while categorizing conversations based on targeted sentiments and emotions.


Sia, out of the box supports 5 languages - English, Spanish, French, German and Hindi. The list is growing rapidly..

Out of the Box Integrations

Out-of the box integrations with leading systems such as Salesforce, PeopleSoft, Blackboard, Canvas, and more..

Deep Insights

With industry-leading predictive proprietary algorithms, Sia can predict personality characteristics, interests and values while understanding customers’ habits and more..

Speech Synthesis

Sia understands, interprets and analyzes sentiment & semantics behind every tone / conversation to predict the state of an emotion, project confidence scores to enhance customer experience.

Image & Video Recognition

With out-of-the-box, intricate Image Recognition algorithms, Sia can read, detect and extract content from any image/ or video content instantly, even when uploaded through a smartphone.

Document Processing

Sia has the unique ability to read & understand data sets within a document, detect patterns and fuel powerful content insights, help with visual search & navigation, and much more..

Module for Content Management

Sia is an Adaptable solution, encapsulated within a simple module / plugin that can be easily activated through a module on Drupal-CMS, plugin on WordPress and more..

Deep Learning Ready

Inspired by true human thinking, Sia can perform a variety of tasks which include identifying objects in an image and recognizing intention in an expression, to recognizing trends in a set of data.

Data Science & Modeling

Sia, unified A.I identifies both relational and non-relational data with its attributes and key associations with other data sets. Be it static or dynamic, Sia can seamlessly structure and organize the data..

Enforced Security

Sia is secure by design. Wrapped in a Serverless Environment, Sia is equipped with SSL, Authentication and Role based Authorization, to keep the environment protected from any intrusions.

Sia on any Interface

With a robust, secured backend architecture, Sia can seamlessly integrate with multiple minimum, and No user interface systems


Sia delivering right on your messaging platforms like Slack


Sia delivering right on your messaging platforms like Skype

Any Website

Sia housed right on your website, out of the box..

Your Mobile App

Sia right on your existing Mobile app


Say, Alexa Open Sia for 'Company Name'

Sia on Google Home

Say, Hey Google, Open Sia for 'Your Company'

Sia on Chrome

Access Sia directly through Chrome Extension

Any other Custom App

Sia is available as an external integration on any of your custom applications

Use cases across several Industry verticals

Several pre-defined business models readily available for several industry verticals.