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OneOrigin along with its partners from across the world, participate in Indo-American Education Summit to promote a scalable education framework aimed at collaborating foreign universities with Indian education industry.

Indo-American Education Summit 2016 is a unique event which is being organized in India as a sequel to the highly successful Education Summits held since 2009. The Summit 2016 had sessions on collaborative research programs, joint / dual degree programs, twinning & transfer programs, faculty & student exchange programs, study abroad in India programs, distance education programs, vocational education programs, and other academic partnerships. There were separate sessions for student recruitment.

Major fields covered were Engineering & Applied Sciences, Information Technology, Business & Management, Clinical & Health Sciences, Life Sciences & Bio medicine, Agricultural Sciences & Environment, Education & Technology, Arts & Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Taking the Big-Step

Indian educational system has been undergoing a paradigm shift in the recent past. India has the world’s second largest post-secondary student population of around 20 million. India has over 722 universities and university-level institutions and 37,000 colleges, and yet the gross enrollment ratio (GER) is low with only 20 per hundred accessing higher education. India is far behind the developed countries’ average of 45 per hundred. The Government of India has set a GER target of 30 per cent by 2020 and for that to be achieved, the number of universities and colleges will have to be increased many fold while enhancing the quality of existing institutions.

“A major challenge is educational excellence. India has islands of excellence but the overall education standards are poor. The report that 60 to 70 percent of engineering graduates churned out are not employable”, speaks about the quality of higher education

OneOrigin, in collaboration with its Indian counterparts, is creating a cross-country education framework that aims enables Indian universities to collaborate with reputable foreign universities, and enrich the quality of their programs by tapping the outstanding teaching expertise and latest curricular developments. Further, the Indian institutions will be able to provide their students with first-hand education in India.

“OneOrigin with tremendous support from Western Universities, will be the first organization in India to operationalize an effective cross-country education framework giving an opportunity for young Indians to embrace Western education as well as mitigate any legal / financial barriers a student may face to pursue their education outside the country. This framework is set to strictly be inline to promote ‘Make-In-India’.”, said its CEO, Abhinand Chincholi

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