Covid Heroes Of OneOrigin

Covid Heroes

The year 2020 had been dominated by one of the worst pandemics the world witnessed in 100 years. The coronavirus outbreak brought lives across the world to a standstill infecting over more than 100 million people and claimed more than 2 million lives, with more than 150,000 lakh people losing their lives in India.

During these tough times, as the pandemic spread, the year threw up some exemplary work being performed by organizations and individuals, a new race of warriors with an unbreakable spirit bravely stood up against it & took the task head-on.

The year 2020 was also dedicated to all the warriors of the Coronavirus, who took it upon themselves to liberate the world in one way or another from this extremely infectious disease. These heroes were none other than our doctors and other healthcare workers who have devoted themselves selflessly to saving lives.

Along with healthcare workers, police officials, and other frontline workers, there were many other volunteers who braved all the odds to do their bit. Of those many heroes, some work in our Organization. 

Mohith from the Marketing team went on distributing Covid-kit to the needy ones. Aditya Kambagiri, Sowjanya & Nandini of the Quality Assurance team went a step ahead & ensured the needy ones got their daily essentials through trust. Prajval of the Sales team ensured the street dogs in his locality didn’t have to go empty stomach. Yamini Reddy from the Solutions team donated food to the needy ones. Jaydeep of the UX/UI team provided the construction workers with daily groceries. Niveditha from the HR team went a mile ahead to educate students at one of the schools about the CoronaVirus & the importance of sanitization, social distancing, precautions, and more.

Azhar, Shruti, Himanshu, Ketan & Vineeth of the Engineering team provided financial aid to the ones in need.

These covid-heroes from our organization left no stone unturned when it came to helping the ones in need around them, let’s all salute them for the humanitarian work they did & take a pledge today to help at least one in need in our day-to-day life.

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