OneOrigin’s new East Coast office

OneOrigin has expanded to open a new office in Norwalk, Connecticut. The new location will be the company’s first major location on the East Coast and will serve as an extended arm for Solution Delivery, Customer Success and Product Implementation.

OneOrigin is an Enterprise Software and Technology Solutions company that is known for innovation, design, and development of cutting edge products and solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. We are dedicated to maintaining and expanding its competencies and expertise across the United States to transform HigherEd and make AI-based education available to everyone. That is why our mission at OneOrigin is to be a global leader in fostering technology-driven solutions towards solving critical problems for our customers through trust, innovation, responsibility, honesty, and competency.

“At OneOrigin, Customer Success is our utmost priority. Thank you to our forward-thinking customers who have given us their feedback and trust –– we appreciate you. As we scale and grow alongside our customers big and small, we are determined to continue to provide seamless experiences for our customers.”
It has been exciting four years for OneOrigin, and we look at this new location as a start of another chapter, geared towards enhancing our presence in East Coast.

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