Embed A.I. today! OneOrigin unveils ‘Sia’ – World’s first Unified A.I. framework that can serve any organization!

Artificial Intelligence has become an important part of our daily life. Our life is changing everyday, because AI technology promises to reduce human effort in every day-day processes. Now in many industries, people are using this technology to develop machine assistants to perform various activities. Using this sort of machine will speed up your process of doing work and gives you an accurate result, eliminating common human errors. The introduction of AI brings the idea of error free world.

But hold on! What is unified ‘AI’?

Going by the name ‘Sia’, this OneOrigin’s AI framework can serve any industry, any product or service organization and embed artificial intelligence to their processes. This framework processes unstructured conversations, acting as a decision support system which doesn’t replace humans, but empower them to higher success ratios. ‘Sia’ will be the beginning of a revolution in the cognitive computing industry.

Speeding up Customer Success!

With OneOrigin, we see yet another innovation within the technology space, but this time through a next gen unified Cognitive Computing framework that utilizes several cutting-edge AI platforms and proprietary algorithms & logics, delivering AI driven business processes that proves sustainability along with competitive edge to all its customers.

“Our framework bridges the gaps between humans and tools, to improve decision-making, enable 360-degree customer view and implement rapid data-to-execution business practices”, said OneOrigin CEO, Abhinand Chincholi. He also added “We are proud to be one of the first companies globally, to build a AI framework that can serve any industry within a span of weeks. ‘Sia’ will be affordable to any company, regardless of industry, who want to become the innovative force driving away their competition.”

The framework uses light, yet cutting-edge integration channels to unify the most powerful cognitive platforms in today’s world. The underlying platform is an innovative unification between several leading cognitive computing platforms like Lex, Watson, Google and so on. This unified platform makes sure that there are no gaps in delivering seamless natural language processing and user experience, which are driven by proprietary algorithms and logic.

“Our framework can satisfy any business process, be it Marketing, Sales, Finance, Delivery or even Customer Support! With an ability to quickly adapt and understand several intents / emotions, any organization irrespective of industry, can adopt our framework within span of weeks, driving their competition away while staying ahead on the innovation curve”, said their Chief of Product.

Pricing model for this framework was not revealed, but their director of Marketing, confirmed that “Our framework will be affordable to any organization, be it an SMB or Large. We want Sia to be their competitive edge and help increase their revenue and efficiency.”

You can experience the marketing version of Sia, today, through the website – Sia will also be available as a stand-alone native mobile app on App Store and Play store, later this summer. OneOrigin is also providing customized demo. So get your demo today and see how Sia can help your business.