[divider background_colour=”” xs_height=”100″ sm_height=”100″ md_height=”100″ lg_height=”160″][heading section_swatch_override=”on” sub_header_size=”lead” header_size=”bigger” header_weight=”hairline” header_align=”center” header_fade_out=”on” scroll_animation_delay=”0.5″]Delivering highly secure Enterprise Web Development Solutions[/heading][heading header_type=”h4″ section_swatch_override=”on” sub_header_size=”lead” header_align=”center” header_fade_out=”on” margin_top=”no-top” scroll_animation_delay=”1″]With over four-decades of combined experience in building intuitive web applications, our enthusiastic web development CoE has successfully completed several projects for an array of industries[/heading][divider background_colour=”” lg_height=”41″]
[service service=”digital-transformation-consulting” image_size=”medium” background_colour=”#7c7c7c” title_weight=”bold”]
[service service=”java-dotnet-development-services” image_size=”medium” background_colour=”#7c7c7c” title_weight=”bold”]
[service service=”user-interface-design-development” image_size=”medium” background_colour=”#7c7c7c” title_weight=”bold” show_readmore=”show”]
[divider lg_height=”120″][heading section_swatch_override=”on” sub_header_size=”lead” header_size=”super” header_weight=”hairline” header_align=”default” header_fade_out=”on” scroll_animation_delay=”0.2″]Driving Efficiency with Secured Solution Delivery[/heading][heading header_type=”h4″ section_swatch_override=”on” header_align=”default” header_fade_out=”on” scroll_animation_delay=”0.4″]Our Mobile Development CoE stresses on maintaining the highest standards of quality for all its projects. We design, develop both native and hybrid apps for different mobile platforms to suit your business needs. Our mobile app and design services have served the needs of different clients and boosted their user base massively by creating powerful mobile applications with integrated data-capture / analytics capabilities driving 100{5a871603d4209ad1815767f47ee6b754421e0955fd764a956a1d605cbf7fea57} user satisfaction.[/heading]
[features_list][feature fa_icon=”level-up” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”Beyond Limitations”]With our customized solutions, you do not have to compromise on your specs to the capabilities of a technology platform or amend your design visions to fit a template – our solution delivery will match your definite needs and adopts to future landscape[/feature][feature fa_icon=”puzzle-piece” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”Robust Delivery Framework”]Design and Development of a custom web application does not require reinventing the wheel. Our team has extensive experience in executing over 100s of projects. Our customer-focused delivery methodology is widely accepted in the industry. We use distinct web application frameworks, both open source and licensed, in our projects to scale down the development timeframe and yet maintain the maximum delivery security and quality.[/feature][/features_list]
[features_list][feature fa_icon=”link” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”Enteprise Web Application Integration”]Customized development allows us to attach the solution to any external interfaces and services such as Salesforce, Commerce, etc.. We are equipped to integrate third party plugins and create custom data feeds and analytics driven dashboards[/feature][feature fa_icon=”lock” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”Enterprise Web Security”]We abide by our delivery and take full control of every line of code that we write. We employ multi-tier security frameworks to avert any possible threat and will work persistently to reinstate the service ASAP, in the case of an attack.[/feature][feature fa_icon=”tablet” icon_color=”#ffffff” title=”100{5a871603d4209ad1815767f47ee6b754421e0955fd764a956a1d605cbf7fea57} Responsive”]Our Complete web solutions are receptive by design, empowering your web application to work coherent on any device i.e. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile etc. Following the best practices, we ensure minimum load-time for your applications[/feature][/features_list]
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[heading section_swatch_override=”on” heading_colour=”#ffffff” sub_header_size=”lead” header_size=”big” header_weight=”hairline” header_align=”center” header_fade_out=”on” scroll_animation_delay=”0.5″]OneOrigin’s Consulting team has been helping leading global organizations with their business transformation initiatives at the intersection of business and technology[/heading][button type=”link” size=”lg” label=”Let’s work together” xclass=”popmake-2007″ text_font_color=”#ffffff”][divider background_colour=”” xs_height=”25″ sm_height=”25″ md_height=”36″ lg_height=”79″][vc_scroll link=”#s1″ icon=”up” place_bottom=”on” margin_bottom=”medium-bottom”]

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