Most of the universities and colleges today, are running expensive marketing campaigns to attract prospective students, offering distinctive courses and perks/amenities like laptops, iPad, housing, recreational opportunities, and coupons etc. These amenities may assist universities or colleges to attract domestic and international students. All these are done through digital marketing, print media, social media or mainstream media etc.

Prospective students looking at these advertisements and reach the website of the university, are lost with the amount information available on the website, and might not be able to find all the required information. Also, it’s time consuming to search for specific detail and find exactly what they are looking for. Eventually, they would exit the site without much information.

OneOrigin’s solution provides real time assistance and guidance to prospective students who are interested to pursue their further education at the university. In addition to course related information, the solution also intends to solve a major puzzle in the Education industry around providing future job prospects for the interested major.

Introducing LexSia!

Today, OneOrigin AI team delivered the highly anticipated unified AI framework focused on seamless Higher-Ed transformation, helping students interact and express themselves with Sia, through a mobile interface.

“This framework is a revolution within the Higher-Ed industry, enabling the University’s marketing team to be even more powerful. With Sia, the marketing campaigns can predict definitive results with qualified leads being delivered out of the box.” said Abhinand Chincholi – CEO at OneOrigin.

To learn more about this solution, send an inquiry to [email protected]

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