Indian Facility Expansion

With the continued hard work and team effort, OneOrigin has now been able to obtain additional office space within the existing building. 

It’s really exciting to be involved in another expansion, and only two months since we last moved into a new office in Norwalk, We are an innovation company and the office surrounding is something we feel is really important to help us get our heads into gear for every day at work.

The expansion shows how far we have developed since the business started. Six years ago we started our first office in the now occupied second-floor office space, then moved into the basement of the same building. Now we are working across multiple floors with a great team of people and we couldn’t be more proud.

We were delighted when the additional space on the second floor of the Bangalore workspace became available and we jumped at the chance to make our mark.

The new office space will allow us to grow the team further, which has been one of the big drives for the business over the last few months. It’s so energizing every time we add a new addition to the team, it expands our skillset, brings new ideas to the table, increases the business focus, and strengthens the business as a whole.

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