Our CEO at The Institution of Engineers

Moment to cherish for OneOrigin! Abhinand Chincholi provided a Lecture on “Artificial Intelligence for Engineering and Education Sector” at The Institution of Engineers (India). 

Agenda of the talk: To help Indian Engineers understand and formulate Artificial Intelligence topics in a much simpler format that can be consumed by next-gen students.

Abhinand, started with the basics of AI elements and demonstrated the beauty of AI to exterminate the misconceptions around AI. 

Basics of AI elements comprised of:

  • What exactly is AI?
  • How was AI coined?
  • What is Machine Learning, Auto Machine Learning, Deep Learning and, Neural Computing?

To exterminate the misconceptions around AI, he deciphered the impact of AI in all industries and has formulated why AI is not dangerous and how it is going to reform the world.

Moving on to the main agenda of the conference he demonstrated the working of Sia, Unified Artificial Intelligence Engine which is set to revolutionize the current scenario of the education industry. He took the floor and spoke about Sia’s capabilities to transform the student lifecycle at each stage and the support it provides to achieve their goals. He also demonstrated how Sia imitates human thinking to understand user behavior. He also elucidated the emphasis of data and explained how managing data will decide the future of technology transformation. 

He concluded by accomplishing the audience understanding of AI and how AI will become the most important part of human lives in years to come.

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