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The power of Sia has been witnessed by thousands of professionals across the globe

Machine Learning

Focused around providing adaptive experience, Sia is designed to provide a fluid and natural experience to Students & Faculty members

Integrated NLP

Sia uses Cognitive Architectures and Dynamic Algorithm-powered discovery, to achieve accuracy with a greater degree of precision

Minimal & No-UI

With a robust, secured backend architecture, Sia can seamlessly integrate with multiple minimum, and No user interface systems

Deep Learning

With Deep Learning Sia can perform verity of tasks which includes identifying objects in an image and recognizing intention in an expression

Enhance Enrollment & Marketing Efforts

Housed right on your existing website or your current / new mobile app, with one tap, Sia is committed to provide instant information about your university to any visitor, without having them scroll through multiple pages.

Feature Rich A.I. Engine for Educational Institutions

supporting end-end student lifecycle


Your University Assistant

Housed right on your existing website or your current/new mobile app or any of your custom apps. Sia is committed to provide instant information about your university, on the spot.

Instant Program Guide

With 10-12 conversations, prospective students can get instant and structured information of the degrees you offer, with program and course level details, explaining the requirements, schedules and more

Transcript Recognition & Processing

With out-of-the-box, intricate Image Recognition algorithms, Sia can read, detect and extract course, program, credits, GPA- related metrics from any transcripts instantly

Syllabus Processing

Sia has the unique ability to understand the relation between students, their courses and understand relevant syllabus / courses documents, along with key deadlines and events

Profile Evaluation

Sia can match the transcript data to University’s offerings and recommend the best-applicable programs to prospective students with graduation timelines

Data Science & Modeling

Sia has the ability to identify both relational and non-relational data, allowing owners to understand a student / faculty better through profiling and segmentation

Goal Tracking & Assistance

Sia adapts to the changing interest levels of a student, tracks their performance against their own goals, interests, suggests courses and much more.

Student Support

Sia can get information that may reside within several documents within the university, when the students needs it - all through a conversation (either voice or text)

Deliver Personalized Learning Experience for your students

Out of the box integrations with hundreds of widely used University systems including CRM, Campus Management, LMS, Student Information Systems, etc. Sia unifies data across all platforms providing a single, conversation-friendly experience to Students

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