The true purpose of Sia is to eliminate platform-related dependencies and deliver true solutions to all its customers, not a platform to develop! Through pre-built business logic for several sectors, on-boarding Sia is just a few weeks away. And it is the first step towards real Digital Transformation for any organization.

Unified Artificial Intelligence Engine

Sia is the world's first and only, Unified Artificial Intelligence Engine. She is a proprietary framework weaving together more than 60-leading cognitive computing platforms in the world. On-boarding Sia means enterprises have the power of several cognitive computing platforms working seamlessly in a proprietary environment. All focused on solving a use case.

Semantic | Sentiment-based Interactions

Sia analyzes facts, concepts, and the associations between them in her semantic memory. From basic requests to policy procedures, she can be trained to apply them to conversations.

Concepts and ideas in the human brain are semantically linked. So thinking about or firing one set of neurons in your head primes other related ones, making them more likely to fire in future. This allows localized querying in the human brain as opposed to typical search based algorithms which traverse the entire data set before trying to compute an answer. Sia can be trained to emulate that capability in order to retrieve information across a wider and more complex set of knowledge.

Sia brings together advanced analytics capabilities spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, text analytics, optimization, real-time scoring and machine learning. She enables models to auto-train on data sets before being deployed. This self-iterative process of online models leads to an improvement in the types of associations made between data elements.

Big-Data backbone for In depth Data Science & Analytics

Through the unification of leading data science platforms, Sia helps organizations predict with confidence and collaborate across systems. Through a unified interface, Sia makes better decisions by solving complex optimization problems involving trade-offs between business goals and constraints.

Ever-Learning Neural Engine

With massive cloud-computing backed by several leading computing platforms, Sia allows large datasets to be easily ingested and managed to train algorithms, and it allows deep learning models to scale efficiently. By leveraging industry-leading distributed networks, Sia's deep learning on the cloud allows enterprises to train deep learning applications faster.

Starting with Speech Recognition, to Computer Vision, to Natural Language processing, Sia’s Deep learning algorithms are designed to learn quickly. By using massive clusters of GPUs and CPUs, she performs complex matrix operations on compute-intensive tasks. Sia uses packaged libraries of deep learning algorithms best suited for a use case, whether it’s for web, mobile or connected devices.

OneOrigin Data Scientists utilize Sia’s Unified AutoML framework, to build sophisticated custom training models. The models help identify patterns and other similarities across products with more granular search and filtering options. Sia’s AutoML is currently focused on Object and Image recognition, but expanding into Natural Language processing as well.

State-of-the-art Auto Machine Learning

Utilizing several leading cloud AutoML frameworks in a weave, Sia offers high quality trained models with unified transfer learning and Neural Architecture.


Sia is currently fluent in 5 languages and can be trained to speak simple sentences in more than 100 languages.

Contextual Delivery

Sia is aware of the full context of every conversation so she can adapt her social tone and actions accordingly. She selects the most appropriate of her multiple knowledge engines at every step of the conversation in order to keep dialogue fluid.

Highly Secure

Sia is secure by design, with progressive layers of security, Sia delivers true defenses in depth. Wrapped in a Serverless Environment, Sia is equipped with SSL, Authentication and Role-based Authorization, to keep the environment protected from any intrusions.


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