Exceptional Enterprise Experience

User Engagement

Connect users with what they need On-the-Spot, make them stay longer, engage further and explore more...

Business Conversion

Create a unique search and discovery experience leading to higher click-rates and more conversions

Intelligent Suggestion

Deliver an A.I based content suggestion map to your Content Managers, including popular content, search trends and more..

Services & Support

Enterprise Ready

With powerful features like Multi-Site Search, Role Based Search, and more.. SpotSearch undoubtedly becomes the most valuable tool

Protected Vault

Protect your data further with customizable IP restrictions and encryptions at rest

Premium Support

Premium Support - With Dedicated support and 30-minute response SLA which guarantees 99.99% availability

Deep Learning Ready

Powered by Sia, SpotSearch can perform verity of tasks and recognize trends in a set of searched data fueling powerful analytics


SpotSearch is in full compliance with SOC, getting ready for GDPR - maintaining highest levels of security and privacy

Enterprise-grade Security

Wrapped in a Server-less Environment, SpotSearch is equipped with SSL, Authentication and Role based Authorization, to keep the environment protected from any intrusions.

SOC Compliant

Information security is a top priority at OneOrigin. We follow all SOC best practices to ensure excellence in each of the AICPA’s five trust service principles.

A-Rated Security

Our API servers support HTTPS and all current versions of TLS (1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) with the most up to date cipher suites

Isolated Clusters

For Enterprise plans, data is hosted on dedicated infrastructure physically separated from the data belonging to other customers with infrastructure monitoring APIs for real-time visibility of cluster health

Secure, Multi-tenant Architecture

For all customers, data is isolated from each other in separate applications to prevent any leakage or exchange of information

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