Matched to Perfection

Solution built to unleash the full potential of SpotSearch's search infrastructure

Search on the spot

Read something interesting? Just search for more information right there

Stay in context

SpotSearch enables quick access to information around a specific context

Federated Search

Surface different types of content on a single, unified interface

Pre-built Filters

Discover content with built-in A.I. powered context-specific filters


Site administrators can define sorting rules through a seamless Admin interface


SpotSearch's UI enables seamless navigation between results with built-in ADA compliance standards

Custom Invoke

Site administrators can easily link your existing search icon or field to SpotSearch directly from the Admin interface

.... And much more

SpotSearch provides several other features applicable to every industry and use case

Platform Agnostic

Out of the box, SpotSearch is readily available as a module or plugin for several platforms

SpotSearch for Drupal

SpotSearch is available for websites built using Drupal 7 and 8l 8

SpotSearch for WordPress

SpotSearch is available for websites built using WordPress CMS

SpotSearch for VueJS

SpotSearch is available on request for websites built on VueJs

SpotSearch for Angular

SpotSearch is available on request for websites built on Angular

SpotSearch for .NET

SpotSearch is available as a plugin for all websites running on .NET

SpotSearch for iOS

SpotSearch supports all browsers running on iOS devices

SpotSearch for Android

SpotSearch supports all browsers running on Android devices

Other Platforms

SpotSearch integration is available for custom web platforms

Enterprise Ready

With Enterprise grade security, branding and exciting features, SpotSearch is the only search engine out there that solves any enterprise search-related concerns

SpotSearch Insights - Sia

Frictionless Experience

Built with state of the art Design principles, discover SpotSearch experience that embraces your brand on every device

Promote Results

Whether you are running a campaign or want to tailor your result experience, promote specific keywords seamlessly through Admin interface

High Performance

Encapsulated within a Serverless backend, SpotSearch is built for resilience and performance, even for million searches /min

Dedicated Support

All subscription plans to SpotSearch includes 99.99% SLA on SpotSearch, so you can focus on your core business and not maintaining your search engine uptime

Future of Search at DrupalCon 2019

OneOrigin and SpotSearch, were exclusive sponsors at this year's DrupalCon. There were hundreds of visitors who experience SpotSearch 2.0 in action and were amazed at its capabilities. If you were not part of it, schedule a dedicated demo today.

SpotSearch Insights - Drupalcon

No need to build, just Onboard

SpotSearch out-of-the-box enables all the powerful features, so you don't need to spend anytime in building but just spend minutes to configure and SpotSearch will be up and running

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