Perfect Integration

Designed for WordPress and Drupal websites, SpotSearch enables a single-click, hassle free installation.

Drupal Module Installation & Activation right from your Admin panel

Wordpress Download SpotSearch plugin for WordPress

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On the Spot Search

First of its kind, ‘Select & Search’ User Interface, committed to enhance user experience at every level, driving super-fast results on the spot.

SpotSearch understands the reason behind your search and provides results based on intent, not just keyword.

Introducing Key Sense

Through Sia’s Proprietary A.I. algorithms, SpotSearch has the unique ability to qualify the nature of search through keyword intelligence, cognitive behavior of the user and deliver results that actually matters to the user.

Key Features

First of its kind, ‘Select & Search’ User Interface, committed to enhance user experience at every level

In-Site | Document | External Search

Instant search across the site, documents and also embrace relevant results from external sites, everything on a unified, seamless user-interface.

Realtime Dashboards

Powered by Sia, SpotSearch understands the context and search pattern to deliver insights into user search behavior and more..

AI Based Suggestions

SpotSearch enables powerful suggestions around the keywords, content navigation and user behavior to admins / content owners for better decision making

Highly Secure

Powered by Sia, SpotSearch is secure by design, with progressive layers of security, delivering true defenses in depth

SpotSearch has the ability to integrate with already-existing Indexing systems such as Apache SOLR and ElasticSearch to enhance in-site contextual search results.


Voice Search Ready

With true integration, Sia enables SpotSearch to perform searches triggered by voice. Through this, SpotSearch becomes the most advanced search engine that forces lighting fast results within the users context by just having a conversation.

Enterprise Multi Site Search

Do you have micro sites residing within different environments? SpotSearch enables unified results for a specific search, retrieved through powerful unified-indexing, and search from all your sites in a Multisite configuration.

Micro Sites

Through SpotSearch on your main site, you can get results from other micro sites in your organization, without any platform limitations

Cross Sites Ranking

Depending on the search term, SpotSearch automatically ranks results from all your sites, powered by True™ A.I. based relevance

Easy Configuration

Site admins can easily configure SpotSearch for all micro sites, straight from the current Admin interface. Its that Simple!

Powering Search Results in more than 35 different Languages, on the spot at Lightening fast speeds