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‘The Future of Search – SpotSearch’, world’s first A.I powered Unified Contextual Search engine, was unveiled in the DrupalCon 2018.

OneOrigin has weaved the most advanced features together to bring you the most powerful smart searching option- SpotSearch

SpotSearch has the unique ability to identify the context of search through keyword intelligence and provides lightning-fast results.

It’s as simple as it can get-  Get started by simply selecting a word that you wish to search and the results will pop-up- On the spot and within the context An innovation which eliminates the need to navigate away from the page to find what exactly the user needs

The user can choose from one of the three plans that best suits their use case The product has a plethora of features to offer with regular updates released often. The latest release SpotSearch version 1.5 includes the following features-

  • Search History – This feature enables the user to look and research the terms they have done over the entire session  
  • Additional Languages – SpotSearch is multilingual with Japenese and Chinese added on in the release version 1.5
  • WordPress Plugin v1.4 – SpotSearch is now available as a plugin on WordPress
  • Promoted Results – A new dedicated section for the promotion of important highlights on the site!. You can now configure specific search terms and related details and have it appear as the top result under in-site results.
  • Multi-Site Search – This feature allows you to promote your search results appearing as the first item under SpotSearch. Ex. You can use this feature if you wish to promote a specific link, campaign, or a course or when you would like to grab visitors attention when they search for a specific term.

SpotSearch V1.6

Unmapped Search Analytics – SpotSearch, powered by SIA is intelligent enough to pull up the analytics of how many terms/ searches were successfully handled and how many were not. This helps the user understand the Search trend on the site which can be a significant advantage to the management. This helps them in shooting out the right content on the site and marketing campaigns handling all unhandled queries and increasing their outreach in the manner by targeting the right kind of content at the right people.

SpotSearch V1.7

Enhanced Mobile UI – The UI has seen several improvements in the release v1.7. A much user-friendly and defined UI makes it useful for the users to navigate and understand the results much easier.

Search Trend Reports v1.0 – Sia is the powerhouse of SpotSearch, providing all the search analytics of the top searched words and the search trend on the site benefiting the user in understanding what the prospects actual needs are. This helps in shooting out the right content and channelizing the reports in the right way.

SpotSearch Custom Themes- To improve the experience for the user and give a more personal touch to the application they can customize the UI experience by the various appearance options provided in the v1.7 release.

SpotSearch V1.8

With the new release of our SpotSearch, we have given admins more flexibility to personalize the SpotSearch to suit their use case better.

With v1.9 Admins can choose the way SpotSearch is invoked, they can now enable / disable Highlight-based search, right from the Settings page. We have also added a couple of additional languages along with few minor bug fixes.

SpotSearch V1.9

Enhanced Security – The application is now more secure by the introduction of better packaging to enable progressive layers of security, delivering true defenses in depth. Wrapped in a Server-less Environment,

With the new version SpotSearch gets one of the most important update in the form of Multi-Site Weightage option for the main site. With the new version we have also improved the performance, and the search results just got faster.

SpotSearch V2.0

SpotSearch has undergone some major make over for the new version v2.0.

This includes addition of:

  • New interactive settings dashboard to configure search capabilities
  • Theming options (Light and Dark) to change the appearance of search window
  • Search trend analytics to display the flow and trend of user searches
  • Fuzzy search logic implementation for optimizing search results

Now experience SpotSearch for free!! A free version is also available for Drupal 7, Drupal 8, and WordPress.

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