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It all started a while back, prior to iPhone 7’s and Galaxy 7’s, like-minded ardent techies with varied backgrounds in the ever-emerging technology world, were looking to revolutionize the world, joining hands to think of a panacea by building unique frameworks for emerging sectors whilst innovate “extraordinary” solutions, that can unify the ocean of siloed applications and processes within organizations through data-fueled cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. The sprout of that seedling is OneOrigin with its current products and solutions.

Why OneOrigin?

‘We get this question all the time’

We tenaciously believe that there are enormous business dilemmas out there caused by incorporating siloed applications, than there are solutions. Our expertise and exposure have manifested that, no matter how many problems you have, there must be ‘one’ right way to start solving the problem, by tackling the origin. Hence the concocted name ‘OneOrigin’ – we employ innovative, secure technology solutions to tackle the origin of every problem, thereby creating robust and futuristic solutions for our customers.

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