Solution starts with Innovative Thinking

OneOrigin is an exclusive technology solutions provider offering products and services for varied industry verticals. We Leverage SMAC (Social-Mobility-Analytics-Cloud) and Cognitive Computing technologies, to drive Digital Transformation. We pay great attention to providing customers with diverse cutting edge solutions for their business problems and meet their needs. Our strategic approach to problem-solving differentiates us from other companies, and we take pride in contributing to customer success.

OneOrigin about us - we believe everything starts with an innovative thinking

Our Story

It all started a while back, prior to iPhone 7’s and Galaxy 7’s, like-minded ardent techies with varied backgrounds were looking to revolutionize the world, joining hands to think of a panacea by building unique frameworks for emerging sectors whilst innovate “extraordinary” solutions, that can unify the ocean of siloed applications and processes within organizations through data-fueled cognitive computing.

The sprout of that seedling is OneOrigin with its current products and solutions.

Reason behind the 'Name'

Why OneOrigin? “We get this question all the time!”

We tenaciously believe that there are enormous business dilemmas out there than there are solutions. Our expertise and exposure have manifested that there must be ‘one’ right way to start solving the problem, by tackling the origin.

Hence the concocted name ‘OneOrigin’ . We employ innovative solutions to tackle the origin of every problem, thereby creating robust and futuristic solutions for our customers.


Laser focused to drive Digital Transformation

With a mission to understand and serve each industry to its capacity, empowering our customers to utilize the best technologies to increase productivity and efficiency.
OneOrigin about us - Our Clients

is what we stand for!

We are an evolving technology company with a very strong team successfully serving many organizations, including some of the most recognized global brands.


Message from the CEO

As businesses look to find meaning within an ever-growing volume and variety of data – AI will only become more valuable. With traditional computing unable to cope with such huge volumes of data, and unable to “read” text like humans – AI will be key to managing this new environment. This includes making decisions on factors such as what is and what is not relevant and what should be ignored.

At OneOrigin, we are proud to be on the frontlines to bring significant changes to data-powered decision making. The transformational projects we have underway is setting the foundation at OneOrigin. Getting better equipped to address challenges within several sectors and the demands of an ever more sophisticated customer. I am certain we have the best team and assets to succeed. We will continue to deserve the trust placed in us by our customers, employees, business partners, and stakeholders.

I want to personally thank our employees who have made this company more than a source of a paycheck, but a source of pride. I want to thank you, our customer, for your support, loyalty, patience, and for all the positive memories you have shared with us along the way. And if you are not associated with us yet, we look forward to talking to you and possibly assist you in getting ready for the future!

– Abhinand Chincholi

Invest in a Partner, not a vendor