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Our thought-process

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    For any company, the process of innovation can be both exciting and daunting. We at OneOrigin, approach this process in a more effective way, illuminating our customers focus, thinking, and experiencing, during every stage. We perceive innovation as something that triggers progress and leads the growth for an organization.

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    Engage & Evolve

    The idea is followed by an intensive analysis, gather as much information as possible about the idea and its further processing. Evaluating every opportunity in greater depths, and allowing contributions of rich information while, spending quality time in nurturing the approach with imaginative thinking, fuels us to bring ideas to life.

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    Evaluate & Execute

    Based on research, our teams work on the ideas and design the first prototype. Prototypes are built and tested for usability, functionality, cost of functionality, market response, etc. Our aim is to design and build, a ready-to-use solution that can empower faster and smoother user adoption.

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    Embrace & Enhance

    At OneOrigin, we constantly reach out for and value feedback from our users, which then is embraced by our technology team to enhance around the feedback, delivering seamless and intuitive user-experience.

Why OneOrigin?

From Innovative products around AI & Cognitive Computing, to Data Modeling, to Rapid Web Development, to seasoned Migration services, OneOrigin aims to be your end-end Digital Transformation Partner.
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World’s First and only Unified AI Solution determined to re-engineer day to day transactional processes utilizing State-of-the-Art Unified Machine Learning.


An AI-powered Contextual search engine that mimics how the human brain indexes memories for more insightful, on-the-spot, contextual search results.

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Rapid Web Application Development, CMS-driven Integrations, Cloud Transformation, CRM Integration, Data Modeling and More...

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