Drupal 9 Migration & Upgrade - Simplified!

Our Methodology

  • 1

    Analyze Existing CMS

    Understand how the content, files, users etc. are stored

    Analyze features and existing architecture

    Report and documentation

  • 2

    Content lnventory

    List all content types

    ldentify duplicate contents

    Upgrade planning and documentation

  • 3

    Upgrade Process

    Use any software or write custom scripts for upgrade

    Maintain log file for upgrade

    Migrate URL structure of the page if needed

  • 4

    Content cleaning / Revision

    Migrate file (video, pdf, etc), if any, that resides within the content.

    Replace absolute URL with the relative URL

    Clean / Update content if there is any issue with the format.

  • 5


    Add redirects if the URL of the page is changed

    Migrate meta-tag, page title

    Update online 404 links with the new ones

  • 6

    Test and Validate

    Ensure all the content is migrated in the excepted format

    Validate SEO data of the page

    Check if there are any 404 pages exist

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