Introducing In-Site/Document/External Search

When looking for some specific piece of information on a particular website, high chances are that we may not find it there on the website, prompting us to bounce off the website and go looking for it on one of the search engines.

Firstly, it’s difficult to get users to visit our site, if they bounce off, the whole notion of getting them to visit our site stands void. To decrease the bounce rate of the website, we need to provide users with every piece of information instantly.

OneOrigin seems to have found the solution for this problem by introducing us to the World’s First Unified-AI engine SpotSearch.

SpotSearch with its Insite/Document/External search feature aims at providing a unified, seamless user experience by going through the selected keyword across every page/document/site instantly when a search for a query is performed on a particular website. SpotSearch enables unified results for a specific search, retrieved through powerful Unified-Indexing can look into every possible site/page through a Multisite configuration. With SpotSearch and its built-in Unique Indexing system, users with specific roles can retrieve search results relevant to their role, even if the data is not publicly indexed / available.

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