Performance Awards

Award winners

During the All-hands meeting held on the 28th of January, the star performers of the organization were recognized & awarded. This year, the awards were divided into six broad categories aligned with organizational goals, and employee achievements.

OneOrigin adopts employee recognition programs to raise employee morale, reduce employee stress, elevate productivity, and increase competitiveness. Using recognition and other work-place efforts to engage employees, OneOrigin believes that employee engagement activities have a positive impact on employee retention and also help with recruitment.

Award categories & winners are as follows,

  • The Rockstar Rookie award for the new joiners doing better than a beginner- Aneesa Khanam & Pruthvi Sainath won this award.
  • The Most Improved Performer award for the employees who display exemplary improvement at their respective work- Ketan Ishaan won this award.
  • The Spotlight award for the contributions of employees that go above and beyond the everyday scope of their responsibilities-Niveditha KS & Manbir Jaspal won this award.
  • The WOW award for the employees with Overwhelming performance-Anandita Dubey & Dhanush K won this award.
  • The Circle of Excellence award for the employees displaying exceptional leadership through their involvement and impact in the organization-Jeevan Kumar, Karthick N, Amit Dawar, Shruti Kadam, Shashank S & Haygreev V won this award.
  • The Growth Driver award for the employees who play a key role in driving the business of Organization-Azharuddin & Santosh V won this award.

At OneOrigin, every individual is a vector and the progress is determined by the sum of all vectors. Heartfelt congratulations to all the winners & wishing others all the best for the year ahead.